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What Are the Main Types of Polyester Woven Fabrics?

Different types of polyester woven fabrics are suitable for different types of clothing styles and functional requirements. Before purchasing, we need to understand what polyester woven fabrics are available.

Peach skin fabric

polyester peach skin fabric

Outdoor wear fabric

outdoor wear fabric

Casual wear fabric

casual wear fabric

Lining taffeta fabric

waterproof taffeta fabric

Down jackets fabric

nylon taffeta fabric

Sleepwear fabric

Satin fabric

How to Choose a Reliable Polyester Woven Fabric Manufacturer

When selecting a reliable polyester woven fabric manufacturer, various factors come into play. First and foremost is professionalism, ensuring they possess ample industry expertise. Next, timely quoting and sample provision are crucial, aiding in prompt and accurate decision-making. A robust supply chain is equally vital to ensure one-stop procurement services. Additionally, focus on their capability for new product development and effective product quality control to ensure both innovation and quality. On-time delivery and comprehensive after-sales service should not be underestimated.

12+ Years of Woven Fabric Production by SixDragon

We have established long-term trusted partnerships with many clients, prioritizing quality and service. With a dedicated fabric R&D team and clothing pattern design team, we aspire to assist you and grow together, in alignment with American reading preferences.

Quick response

SixDragon have a professional fabric sales team to provide you with quotations within 24 hours and sample services within 48 hours.

One-stop purchasing

SixDragon has a complete supply chain of polyester woven fabrics to meet the one-stop procurement of polyester woven fabrics, giving you more peace of mind.

Polyester Woven Fabric R&D

SixDragon collaborates with multiple polyester woven fabric research institutes, continuously innovating and developing the latest fabric products.

End-to-End Quality Inspection

Quality is SixDragon's essence. With over 20 years of experience, our Head of Quality Management ensures 100% end-to-end inspection for bulk production.

On-Time Delivery

SixDragon operates 200+ polyester looms, producing 60,000+ meters daily. Stable deliveries via enduring collaboration with international logistics.

100% Claim Guarantee

SixDragon ensures a comprehensive after-sales service. 100% claim assurance for quality concerns.

How do We Start Working Together

  • You are a fabric expertYou can clearly inform us of the ingredients/specifications/door width/gram weight/purchase quantity, etc. We can give you a direct quote and send samples.

  • If you don’t have enough knowledge about fabricsYou can provide us with clothing pictures of the fabrics we need to purchase, and we will also provide appropriate purchasing plans.

  • If there is no way to determine the final qualityWe need you to send us your quality. The best way is for us to quote and send samples based on your quality.

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SixDragon is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in polyester woven fabrics. With over 12 years of expertise in polyester woven fabrics, we now boast 200+ advanced jet looms and water jet looms. Our products are exported to dozens of countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe, We have won trust with high quality and passed GRS, OKETEX, SGS certification.

We pay great attention to the application of polyester woven fabrics in clothing. Constantly investing in fabric research, production equipment, and design, we provide tailored fabric services to enhance the effectiveness of clothing fabric.

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What Our Customers Say About us?

SixDragon has won the trust and affirmation of many customers over the years

Emma Davis

As a brand committed to quality, we seek partners meeting our high standards. Our collaboration with SixDragon has been satisfying. They emphasize quality and craftsmanship, ensuring every garment meets our requirements. Their professional fabric R&D team and experience make us trust their manufacturing. Working with them ensures we provide the finest apparel for our brand.

Michael Thompson

SixDragon's impressive efficiency has left a lasting impression. As a fast fashion manufacturer, we need quick responses and on-time delivery. They have ample production equipment and an efficient process, ensuring timely order completion. Their professional team swiftly adapts to our custom needs, maintaining our market position.

Sophie Johnson

Collaborating with SixDragon allows us to realize creative designs. They provide diverse fabric choices and customized services for unique apparel. They excel in fabric R&D and consider our design needs, providing valuable solutions. Their professional service helps us achieve our creative vision for unique designs.

Frequently Questions and Answers

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have other questions, please contact us directly, we will answer for you at any time
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